Calling Virginia Home…Again

As tends to happen in the military, we have moved again. East, to Charlottesville, Virginia where Will is getting an LLM in military law at the JAG school.

untitled-4Since arriving in charming C’Ville, there have been quite a few milestones for us all. IMG_2200

We bought a house!


We live in a lovely neighborhood filled with kindhearted neighbors and lots and lots of little girls.

IMG_2287 IMG_2238

Nearly every afternoon, the doorbell rings and we are greeted by two or three little heads peaking in through our front window — “Can Baby Reeves come play?”.

photo (39)

We love our neighborhood and feel grateful to have landed in such a tight-knit little community.

While not a milestone per se, overcoming the summer humidity here felt like one.


Needless to say, big changes on the climate front and it took us all some time to get adjusted to the heat.untitled-12

As true Alaskans, Reeves and I both looked like we might have a heat stroke throughout each play date.


Thankfully, we took full advantage of Charlottesville’s abundance of splash parks.



We have been fortunate to find a welcoming playgroup.  What’s particularly fun about this group is that many of the babies were born within days of Reeves.  It’s a joy to watch the different personalities, temperaments and activity-level of each baby.  (Reeves would be on the HIGH end of the latter.)


My Anchorage play dates were largely relegated to our homes and restaurants.  Here, we have the rough job of meeting at wineries, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches.

IMG_2335 playgroup ii


photo (48)

One of the wonderful things about being back in Charlottesville is that we are close to Will’s aunt and uncle in Staunton.  (We lived here in 2009 for five months before moving to Korea.)  They live on a bucolic farm just outside of Staunton.  I am not sure who enjoys visiting more — Reeves or Hickory.

photo (40) IMG_2124

While we miss Alaska’s grandeur dearly, we have tried to keep up our hiking adventures.


Thankfully, Reeves enjoys his new throwne and seems to shares our love of nature.  He dictates our hike for us, “Da, Da, Da…”  (“Da” is his word for dog and every other creature he sees.)

photo (43)

Another favorite is “Wooooow.”  I think he gets that from me.

photo (42)

Fall arrived and is just lovely here.


photo (45)

photo (44)

Finally, for the biggest milestone of all — Reeves is walking!


From the moment he was born, it has been a joy to watch Reeves explore the world.  Now that he can “steer” himself, it seems a whole new world has opened up for him…which is both entertaining to witness and exhausting.  Nothing is safe from this boy’s grip.


photo (47)

I miss Alaska more than I anticipated.  I miss the “realness” of the people, our dear friends we made there, the fresh fish — oh, how I miss the fish — and yes, even the snow.

photo (46)

But, watching Reeves delight in new sites and people helps us appreciate each new adventure.  It is hard to be far from family, especially on days when I long for a nearby Grandma/Grammy to send an SOS.  We have made fast friends who support us day in and day out though, and feel blessed every day for our little family.






Our little owl is almost one year old!  I vowed that we wouldn’t have a party and that I wouldn’t become a Pinterest-obsessed mom.  As Reeves’ December birthday nears though, I have found myself searching and pinning “healthy first birthday cakes.”  I love to bake after all — how could I not bake something special for my favorite person on earth?


Pinterest, here I come…



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2 responses to “Calling Virginia Home…Again

  1. This is such a fun post! I love that you have little girls ringing on your door to play with your baby. I also really enjoy that he was an owl for Halloween! Have fun in Charlottesville!

  2. Gorgeous! Sending you big hugs from Seattle. XO!

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