Goodbye Fourth Trimester

The “Fourth Trimester,” as Dr. Harvey Karp has coined the first three months of a baby’s life, has come to and end.  While we are welcoming the less-fussy, more-active, engaged and happy little guy who has emerged, part of me misses the feeling of a tiny baby falling asleep in my arms.


All of the sudden, Reeves is clearly no longer a newborn, but a ba-by.


It is a joy to see Reeves’ personality peak through more and more each day.  Giggling, babbling, grasping at toys, grabbing hair, putting anything and everything in his mouth.  New voices, intonations, and expressions seem to emerge weekly.  Perhaps most enjoyable to watch is his interest in other people.  (He still doesn’t seem to care one way or another about Hickory…poor dog.)


Taking it all in at our moms’ group


Visit from his friend, Julie

His eight-week well baby exam seems like ages ago, and it’s hard to believe he is now nearing his four-month appointment.


Waitin’ for the doc


He weighed in at 12 lbs. 14 oz. (61%) and measured 23.75 inches (79%).  Since then, he’s blown past 15 lbs.  Gulp.


This little guy is quite the traveler already.  We were fortunate to take a woooonderfully relaxing trip to Kauai with my family in February.



Looking a bit overwhelmed during our layover in Portland


Still overwhelmed, but happy to meet his mom’s beest friend, Sybil, for a quick coffee date


Again, perhaps a little overwhelmed testing the waters in Kauai


Loving the tropical breeze…both of us


Finally meeting his good friend, Ada


Back in Alaska (sigh), we continue to bundle up for walks every day.


photo (23)photo (25)

photo (19)

Univ. Lake

I have made a great group of friends through a moms’ group here.  We try to get out a few times a week for walks with the babies and dogs, since our dogs have universally been sorely neglected since our babies arrived.


Coffee dates with friends



Venturing into cloth diapers




Looking the mirror is another favorite pastime these days


And this past weekend Reeves participated in his first road race, the Shamrock Shuffle 5K.


Until next time, this train conductor says bye bye!


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4 responses to “Goodbye Fourth Trimester

  1. Just adorable! and hurrah for cloth nappies…….they’ve come a long way since mine were babies but I’ve been won over by them with my Grandson :) I love to see babies well travelled, out in the fresh air (be it cold or warm and breezy!) and interacting with lots of different folks; with all those different sights and sounds it’s no wonder he’s thriving!

  2. What a bundle of JOY to read and see! Thank you Sarah, it’s lovely to stop by :)
    Cheers, Huimin

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